Windows 8 Edition Review

Microsoft has already released its Developer Edition and will be releasing the official version very soon. The software giant will be releasing in three variants namely , pro and .

The first two variants (Windows 8 and ) of the OS will be released for Pc’s and tablets powered by x86 processors and running on 32 bit as well as 64 bit platforms, while the third variant (Windows RT) will run on ARM or WOA Platform.

Apart from the above mentioned three variants, Windows 8 Enterprise edition will be targeted towards enterprise customers and will have features of windows 8 pro + features required for an IT organisation like PC Management and deployment.

Windows 8 Edition Review

Here is a brief of what a user can expect of the different editions.

Windows 8:

It’s the standard edition that comes with all major features that are revealed in windows 8 preview, features like new user interface (Metro UI), Task Manager, updated windows explorer better multi monitor support and the ability to switch languages very quickly. Existing Windows 7 starter, Home Basic and Home Premium editions users can upgrade to this edition.

Windows 8 Pro:

You can see this edition as the ultimate edition just like windows 7 ultimate edition. This edition includes all features of windows 8. To be precise windows 8 Pro will come with features like Bit locker to go, support from Boot from VHD, Client Hyper – V, Domain join, file encryption system, Group policy and remote desktop. Users who are using Windows 7 pro or ultimate edition will only be able to upgrade to this version.

Windows 8 Edition Review2

?Windows RT:

For flagship OS this is an entire new edition. The availability of this edition will be limited to the ARM processors platform and will be included as a built in feature for WOA.

There are speculations that windows 8 will be released by the end of this year.