Useful Functions of the Windows Key on the Keyboard

Many of us always thought that the “Windows Key” on the keyboard was just a nuisance. It was just the thing I accidently hit once in a while and the darn start menu would pop-up. But what turns out in reality is that the “Windows Key” has many useful functions.

Useful Functions of the Windows Key on the Keyboard

When used in combination with other keys, here’s what you can do

Windows Key + Tab:

Windows Key + D : Minimize or Restore all windows.

Windows Key + E: Launch Windows explorer

Windows key + F:

Windows Key + Ctrl + F : Launch search for computers

Windows Key + F1: Launch the help and support centre

Windows Key + R: Launch the run Dialog box

Windows Key + Pause/Break :

Windows Key + M :Minimize all open windows

Windows Key + Shift + M : Undo

Windows key + L : Locks the Work Station

Windows Key + U : Launch the utility manager

Windows Key + Ctrl + Tab: According to Microsoft .


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