Top 10 websites to learn guitar online for free

Everybody of us has a dream of playing a musical instrument but in fact it takes a lot of hard work to learn to play a musical instrument like guitar and also it can be a bit expensive too so here is the cheapest way to online for free and that is just by sitting in front of your pc or laptop.

Here is the list of top 10 best in class websites to online free of cost.

free online guitar lessons

Guitar lesson world

This is a really good website to . This site helps in learning guitar by providing   and exercises with examples.

Justin Guitar

This site is perfect for beginners as it covers a  large number of guitar basics, videos guitar lessons, audios, texts, images and much more which is really helpful in learning guitar.

Guitar for Beginners

This site provides a lot of free online guitar lessons for guitar beginners with titles like  fingers style blue, House of rising sun, finger style 101 and many more.

The guitar thing

This is the first guitar learning website in India which provides one on one interacting beginner guitar lessons via skype the lessons consist of , scales, picking techniques, string bending and lots more along with loads of finger practice.

Guitar site

This site has hundreds of best guitar lessons also it provides latest guitar news, information and newsletters guitar weekly.

Essential guitar

This is a website with 13 page version of the guide which remains available as a free resource for guitar players new as well as old.

Ultimate Guitar

This site has ultimate guitar learning tact’s and also chords of some popular music.

Guitar Tricks

This is a great site to learn guitar with over 150 free guitar lessons online and also having different genres of music like Jazz, Rock, Blues, classical, country and much more.

Guitar cardio

As the name suggests the working is the same having some musical workout. you can even choose what type of chords will suite you for practicing.

Guitar Noise

This is a really useful site which provides over 1200 chord positions in the form of chart which is easily printable so that you can always keep it with you.

So there were the best in class sites for learning guitar online as per our research we really hope that the above mentioned sites will help yo a lot in learning guitar online.