Tips for Buying Tablets

Tips for Buying Tablets

 We have seen a sudden rise in the Tablet industry with more and more people starting to prefer Tablets . All this days Apple has been ruling the Tablet section with their I pad but now there are a lot of I pad manufacturing companies out there in the market. The main reason why there is a remarkable increase in the number of I pad users is that I pads are very compact ,portable and user friendly touch screen device which is a good alternate to a pc or even a smart phone to some extent  while on the move. The main features of a I pad is it’s intuitive touch screen interface, a high speed core processer within and the wireless networking technology all included in a single package. User can find a wide variety of ranges in I pad with different features and specifications. We can perform regular Pc like tasks such as office documentation, net browsing, playing games or even watching videos and listening to music on an I pad. This are the areas  where the processing speed of a tablet is given more importance  while some cheaper  mode are available with average speed processors around 600-800 MHz and smaller screen sizes also if you are an advanced user you can opt for features like duel core processors, larger display sizes and a good built-in storage space. Since we cannot upgrade tablets like laptops or Pc it is very important that you buy one that meets your purpose and also keep in mind your future usage, facts such as smaller screen sizes, slow processors and insufficient storage space can hamper your work. Before you buy a tablet we would suggest you a few tips which you should consider. This tips are helpful and will help you pick the perfect tablet for you.

USER INTERFACE (OS): Tablets comes with a different user interface like  Android, iOS Windows and the blackberry playbook.  If you are a familiar to windows then you might opt for a windows based tablet. Android operating system is extremely fast and  requires less disk space. Ios is the most popular OS, but apple tablets are a bit expensive and are limited as far as features are concerned. Make sure you try all the OS available before buying a tablet.

PROCESSOR: Tablets comes with a Single core as well as duel core processors you can perform various tasks such as net browsing, gaming, office documentations and email all though  Duel core processors are faster and are pretty good in performing tasks such as playing  games , watching HD videos, listening to music and much more. But it is a fact that Duel core processors consumes a lot of battery.

SCREEN SIZE: A larger screen size makes good ergonomics and are comfortable for viewing. Tablets with larger screen size offer better visuals while working, gaming and performing various multimedia tasks. You should always go for larger screen resolution display for sharp details, but the fact is that large screen size tends to make the tablet bulkier and also consumes a lot of battery, therefore the cost of models with a high large screen size tends to be higher.

DISK SPACE: Most of the tablets come integrated with an internal disk space of 8 to 64 GB of space, you should always go for the higher capacity you can afford. This will make sure that you can carry as much data possible on the tablet itself reducing the need of memory cards and Flash Drives, also consider if the disk space is expandable for future needs, especially when you are traveling.

LOOKS & DESIGN: This is a major factor for the sale of a tablet.  A tablet with great looks is great to show off in front of friends and in public as well. Almost all tablets consist of a glossy shells which actually spoils the entire look of the tablet because of fingerprints  and scratches. Black is always the best body color for a tablet. You should always go for a mat finished exterior which will help preventing against scratches and strains.

CONNECTIVITY: All the tablets are integrated with features like WI-Fi, 3G internet connectivity. If you are a frequent traveler you should always opt for a tablet with a 3G option. Newer versions of tablets can also consist of features like HDMI ports which can be connected to a large LCD screens or a projector for presentations and movies.

ACCESSORIES: Most of the tablets consist of a separate port for charging, docking and data transfer. Docks are used for adding devices such as keyboard, display, storage dongles and sometimes additional battery packs. Some tablets also offer accessories absolutely free at the time of purchasing. A docking keyboard is the most useful accessory to pick as it is really helpful to convert a tablet like a desktop PC or laptop.

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