See times and dates of about 90000 cities around the world

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If your work requires you to collaborate with people overseas, then Desk Soft Earth Time is a handy app to have. It’s easy to install and shows the local times of more than 90000 cities. You can select cities you want to display the time for. It allows you to set alarms on local times of that city, and you can even set alarms for more than one day of the week. The app displays the world map in the centre with the local time/date data of the countries of your choice at the top and bottom. Also it shows the view of the earth at day and night, so the area which is dark signifies night. It also displays the current cloud data. If you don’t wish to see it then just uncheck it from ‘view’. Similarly you can do away with the arrows showing city positions as well as the info bar for a clean layout. Furthermore, you can fix its position and customize the font colours through ‘Options’.

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