Make custom ringtones for your mobile phone absolutely free of cost

Modern age mobile phones comes with a lot of amazing and exiting features one such feature of mobile phones is that they are able to play songs and audio recordings directly as ringtones. For users who are trying to search for options of making custom ringtones for their mobile phone here are some apps for making custom mobile ringtones some of this apps are online apps, some are offline apps and works on various OS Platforms.

Ringtone maker free download app for windows OS

Free Mp3 Ringtone maker

ringtone maker free download

free ringtone app

This is the most easiest free ringtone app for making free phone ringtones, the user just have to follow the onscreen instructions then select the particular part of the song that he wants to make as ringtone and that’s it your free phone ringtone will be saved on your Desktop Pc just download free ringtones on your mobile phone.


free ringtone app

This app is a complete open source audio editing ringtones app absolutely free to use on windows platform. This app is basically for those who have basic knowledge of audio editing and need advanced features like effects, filters and all the editing capabilities this app has it all in it. This app can also save your output file in multiple formats giving you the options for choosing the right file for your phone.

Mp3 Cutter

websites to download mobile ringtones

This application is for the android Os platform it is a free cellphone ringtones maker, in this app you just have to select the file of your choice then cut the desired portion of the file and save it your SD card. The best thing of this app is that its onscreen controls are very user friendly truly a great ringtone maker app for your Android phone.

Garage Band

garaje band

This application is used to create a ringtones on a Mac Machine, to just drag the audio file in to the empty project then cut the desired portion of your choice that you want as ringtone and just apply the cycle region on it to make the ringtone repeat itself when the smart phone rings then go to the share menu on garage band and just click on send ringtone to itunes and you are done.

Ringtone architect

free mp3 ringtone maker

This is an app which is used to create ringtone on an iphone this app is free of cost and the easiest to use there is a narrow bar on the top which shows the complete song which in turn allows you to make selection and the part you select is displayed in the form of a wave below the narrow bar. This app also has bar to control the length of your desired ringtone and the option like fade in and fade out are also available. After you are finished with your ringtone making just tap on the save button and you are done with your work your is ready.



Malofania is an online utility to , to be able to use this app you must have an internet connection and an flash enabled internet browser. This app is very users friendly just go through the steps given on the screen and you will be able to make your own free ringtone. In this utility ringtones of popular songs are also available which were created or uploaded by other users as well.

So after reading this article it will be really easy for the users to create their own no matter what OS they are using.