Know who unfriend you on Facebook

Many of us have the curiosity to know who unfriend us on Facebook. If you are one of the person who wants to find it out, here is the app through which you can find .

Now what exactly is this ?

Unfriend Finder is an app that informs you which friends have removed you from their Facebook account, people who have deactivated their Facebook account or people who you have requested friendship with and who has declined your friends request. If any of the above given events happen unfriend finder will alert you using Facebook notification, you should also keep in mind that unfriend finder will only alert you of the events which happened after you associated the app on your pc with your Facebook account.

You can download and install the script of this app by visiting the official site and follow the simple instructions given on the site.

Know Who unfriend you on facebook using the unfriend finder App

Here are some of the best features of Unfriend Finder

1. Get notifications when people turndown your friends request or any of your friends deactivate their Facebook account.
2. The script of this app is as good as all other applications and is easily accessible from the menu bar and from left filters.
3. This app supports more than 75 languages.
4. Manage your own account by getting alerts of ignored requests, turned down request or check the pending requests and even remove some of the requests.
5. This app is compatible with the most common internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Internet explorer, Opera and Safari.