How to unhide files hidden by virus

We all know how a can affect our all important data especially when we don’t have a proper Antivirus installed in our PC. One of the most common effect of a on our database now a days is that it hides our files and folders on our hard drive, memory card or USB drive and you cannot unhide these files and folders as its  attrib are disabled by the virus and somehow you cannot change the hidden attributes of these infected data.

But now to there is no need to worry as this problem can be solved very easily by performing some simple Dos commands ().

Let us have a look at this procedure to and files.

If you are XP user go to Start > Run and then type CMD in the box and press enter.

If you are a Vista / 7 / 8 users press windows key + R and type CMD and press enter.

unhide files hidden by virus

You will see a black window open on your desktop. Now enter the command attrib –r –s –h F:\\*.* /s /d here we assume that I is the drive letter of the drive from which you want to unhide all the data do not forget to replace it if it is different in your computer for example if the drive letter of the drive from which you want to unhide your data is G then you must enter attrib –r –s –h G:\\\*.* /s /d and press enter.

unhide folders

virus hidden files attrib

recover hidden files due to virus

If the above command to doesn’t work due to any reason you can use the following command

attrib *. –s –h /s /d

Now wait for the command to execute and then check your infected drive you can see all your hidden data once again great isn’t it.