How to share large files on Internet for free

We all know that more then 20 to 25 MB through mail is not possible if we want to send a file which is more than 20 MB we have to split the file and then send it through multiple mails so many of us must be finding answer on to your friends or loved ones  but now there are many sites available on the internet through which we can share large file s absolutely free.

In this article I am going to compile a list of websites through which on the internet with anybody is not a big deal anymore and that also absolutely free. These sites can be very useful for business purpose.

File Dropper

emailing large files

File dropper one of the it lets you share files up to 5 GB and your files are never deleted if it is downloaded regularly but if your file is not downloaded even for a single time within 30 days then the file will be deleted. This site is very fast and there is no need of registration to use this site.


how to share large files

This is the most popular site to share or on internet this site has a very neat and clean interface which is pretty easy to use. This site is extremely fast you can share your documents, videos, music and photos which make them instantly available for the recipients and if you sign up on this site you can even reuse or keep track of the material that you previously shared. You can share files up to 2GB through this site. The greatest feature of this site is that your files are uploaded on this very quickly.


send large file

The free version of allows large file sharing  up to 2GB and also provides 250 GB of storage online but the drawback is that you can only send 5 files per month on this site and also this site is a little slow compared to other sites but the paid version of this site has no such problems.


send a large file

This is an ordinary file sharing site as compared to other file sharing sites you can to anyone up to 100 mb free and if your uploaded file is inactive for 120 days it will be automatically deleted.

 This concludes my article on large file sharing or on internet free of cost hope all the readers are benefitted wit this articles.