How to recover iphone lost contacts

Iphone lost contacts can really be a nightmare there can be several reasons due to which you can lose your iphone contacts, you can lose your contacts if you happen to update your iphone or if you encountered an error on your iphone and had to apply the factory reset settings to get rid of the error. For all such iphone users there is no reason to worry as there are a couple of ways to from your iphone and then .

The recover contact process that I am going to write are very simple and have proven effective to so let’s have a look at this process.

Iphone contacts

First process

Open the address book app

Now go to the import option

Then select the Address book Archive

There you will see the folder which contains your address book data

Now move the data to your current location of your iphone’s address book and that’s it, all your lost contacts will be recovered, no need to think isn’t it.


Second process

Do you know that iTunes is a software which takes a backup of your phone each time you sync your Iphone with your pc or laptop.

Just connect the iphone to your pc or laptop

Open the iTunes software

Now under the devices option you can see your phone, just right click on it

Now click on Restore from Backup option

Select one of the previous backups the one when you had all the contacts and let it be installed, that’s it

You can see all the lost contacts back in your address book.

So this were the couple of really easy ways to from your  iphone  hope you all like this methods and are benefited from it.