How to make YouTube videos load fast on slow internet connection

Buffering of youtube videos on slow internet connection can be really frustrating at times. Youtube needs a lot of bandwidth for streaming videos. When you open a youtube page to watch the video a lot of other on page features like featured videos, expanding share box, long list of related videos and the comment box also loads with the video due to which the video streaming is severely affected. So to overcome this problem of video buffering on slow internet connections youtube has launched its new service called the service the feather service is still available in “” version but according to youtube a user can experience a much better service with the help of this feature.

youtube connection load fast

how to make youtube videos load fast

Youtube feather removes most of the above mentioned features which saves  lot of bandwidth and ensures for the users who are having slow internet connection all though you might see some ads on the feather version but that’s how they generate revenue so if you are ready to test the new youtube feather version you can visit the youtune feather page.