How to know the quality and Manufacturing country of your mobile phone through IMEI number

Mobile phones now a days have become a necessity rather than luxury, almost every person now a days have their own mobile phone and modern age mobile phones proves very useful to users  as they are feature enriched and can perform many tasks which comes in very handy for an individual for performing his or her day to day tasks. But how many of us know in which country our mobile phone is manufactured and what is the quality of our mobile phone, many of us think that all the latest phones are manufactured in china but that’s not fully true there is no doubt that china is one of the largest as well as assembler of mobile phones in the world but there are other countries also which assemble mobile phones and the quality of our mobile phones vary according to the manufacturers countries.

So if you want to know in which country your phone was assembled then here is how to check number just type *#06# in your mobile phone after pressing the above code the number of your mobile phone will be displayed on the screen

IMEI Example: 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 0 2 3 4 2 3 4 5

Now in your IMEI code carefully observe the digit no. 7 & 8 as it is the code which represents that particular country in which your mobile was assembled or manufactured.

For example if the digit no. 7 & 8 of your IMEI no of your mobile id 20 or 02 then it means that your mobile was assembled in Emirates or if the 7 & 8 digit of you mobiles IMEI no is 80 or 08 then it means your mobile was manufactured in Germany.

how to check imei number

Below I have mentioned the 7 & 8 digit no. which are the codes of the mobile manufacturing countries.

01 or 10: Finland

(Mobile manufactures in Finland are of the best quality)

00: Original factory made mobile

(Mobiles manufactures in original factory are of best quality)

 02 or 20: Emirates

(Mobiles manufactured in Emirates are of Average to good quality)

30 or 03: Korea

(Mobiles manufactured in Korea are of good quality)

 04 or 40: China

(Mobiles manufactured in china are average as well as good quality but not as good as 00, 01 or 10)

05 or 50:  Brazil, USA or Finland 

(Good quality mobiles)

06 or 60:  Hong Kong, China or Mexico

(Average quality mobile phones)

 08 or 80: Germany

This indicates that your mobile is manufactured in Germany and is of fair quality.

13:  Azerbaijan

Mobiles manufactured in this country are of low to medium quality

So next time you plan to buy a provider  just confirm its manufacturing country and quality with the help of the above given codes which can help in getting an original good quality mobile phones. A great way to .

Note: the above information is a result of a deep research and reliable sources come of the codes may vary if the readers have any new information they may leave a comment in the comment box.