Earn google adsense revenue without having a blog or a website

We all know how popular is on the net due to its high revenue sharing with the website owners. It is a best way for blog and site owners to make money online, however if you don’t have a website or a blog and are a good writer and are able to write an impressive article you still can make money with , in this article I am compiling a list of 6 amazing which allows you to participate and contribute so that you can earn income through internrt with Programe.


is one of the through google adsense program you can post how to articles on this web site so that you can generate revenue and get your share on income through adsense. has a section where it requests specific how to articles to be written which gives you great earning opportunity to earn money if you are talented enough.


This is a cool website which allows you to write articles and share them. This site has adsense ads on all of its pages and this site shares the adsense revenue which is generated by your articles with you.


If you are thinking effectively on internet then is the finest site to earn money through the adsense program. This site is very popular and gets a lot of organic traffic from search engines. You can share your quality content on this site and earn upto 75 percent of adsense revenue for yourself. This site is recommended by most of the online moneymakers to generate revenue through Adsense program.


Bikusa is another adsense income generating site through which you can generate revenue by writing and publishing articles on this site. You have the option of registering with Adsense ads or chitrika ads on this site but I would recommend you to stick to adsense ads as it is more revenue generating then chitrik

Squidoo is basically an affiliate marketing site but you can generate  income through this site as well. Squidoo shares 50 percent of revenue generated from ads on squidoo.


If you easily then You can share your videos, images and blogs on flixya through which you can generate some good revenue at the same time. This site is used for uploading images. The best way to generate Adsense income through this site is uploading photos or images linking your images to craigslist or ebay and get some clicks and views. This site gives you almost 100 percent of income generated through google adsense.

So if you are able to write good articles and want to make money easy for yourself through Adsense then you should surly try the above mentioned websites.