Earn cash online through Genuinely Paying online survey sites

People now a days are looking for smart ways of making money online and “online surveys” is becoming one of the most popular ways for generating online income but the user must always be careful while choosing survey sites as there are many online on the net which are not legitimate, what I mean to say is that all this non legitimate sites can charge you subscription fees and after you pay them they just vanish. Such sites are scam sites and will runaway with your hard earned money on the other hand some sites will ask you to take online surveys and get rewards in short you have to do a lot of researching online to find genuine online survey paying websites and to help such users I am compiling a list of some free so that their work of finding genuine online survey sites is cutoff.

paid online survey

Brand Institute:

is one of the This site sends its users surveys based on new and forthcoming products most of this products are house hold products or medical products. Each survey lasts for about 30 minutes and once the survey is completed and if you qualify you will get the money in your paypal account in about  weeks time.

SurveyHead :

Surveyhead.com is a very good this company was established by the founders of goZing.com. survey head works with market research companies around the globe to help them improve their competitive intelligence through online surveying. This company sends you surveys according to your demographic location for that particular online survey, you will immediately start receiving surveys after you register with this company this company pays you and you can use this earnings to redeem cash or purchase gift codes from best brands.


Esearch sends you 2 to 5 paidsurveys each week and pay you via paypal every survey comes with incentives, this incentives ranges upto 5 dollars and works easily.

My Survey:

My survey will send you cash surveys on daily basis and payment is based on points once your account reaches the 1000 points mark you are eligible to fetch 10 dollars and you get 10 points for taking each survey and if you qualify you get anywhere between 200 to 2500 points.


This is another survey for money website, this site sends you surveys on weekly basis and payment is via paypal and 10 dollars is payment threshold you are paid upto 2 Dollars per survey.

Survey Savvy:

This is the oldest and most reliable paid online survey company their payment is always via cheque this company sends you surveys according to the demographic location. This company is very strict in following their rules and regulations.

Opinion Outpost:

This is a new market research company but with a good reputation, their payment structure is points based. If you want more surveys from this company then then you should fill your whole account profile. This site also rewards 10 points for each referral that is 1 Dollar so don’t forget to refer this site to your friends as well.


This company sends loads of get paid to do surveys to their subscribers, the user has to fill some screeners before they could get a paid survey, their payment structure is via cheque and they pay 2 to 20 $ per survey.

E-research global :

After joining this site and participating in the surveys you start receiving points in your account, 10 points = 1INR you can redeem your points in the form of cash or gifts. This site is one of the largest sample suppliers in all over Asia.

India Speaks :

India speaks is one of the free paid survey sites where brand owners launches surveys to promote their products. India speaks represents a wide range of spectrum like income, demographics, age and professional attributes, the customers get surveys through their e-mails and once your surveys are completed you will get rewards for successfully completing the survey the best feature of this website is that you can redeem your earned points on this site in leading brand stores in India like Lifestiles, CCD, Big Bazzar, Pantloons and Barista.

Planet Pulse : 

is the best RPO (Research Process Outsourcing) Company, it is the most recognized network of online surveys trusted by researchers around the world. ”pulses”  is the e currency of , they reward you with pulses after successful completion surveys. rewards every registered user upto 5000 points after completion of surveys in which 100 Pilses = I USD and minimum 25$ can be redeemed in your Pay Pal account.

Valued Opinion:

Valued Opinions is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. It is your opportunity to shape the future of industries and the development of new products. Valued Opinions is made up of a select group of people from specialised backgrounds, all of whom share a desire to both help improve the outlook of their industries and to advance the development of consumer products and services. For every successful survey you get 50 INR to 100 INR and upto 1000 INRfor specialist surveys which gets credited in your account in approx. 1 months time.

MaxReg :

This company was formed in the year 2011, they are successful contributors of many companies as far as online surveys are concerned. This company’s payment structure is 2$ to 15$ for every completed surveys, 9$ for every person you refer, and 15% of earnings from each reference earnings

Globaltestmarket :

This is the best and the most reliable free paying online survey websites for online surveys. Most of the topics on this site are on topics like consumer products, movies, automobiles, restaurants etc.., once your account reaches 1000 points you can redeem 50$ from this site.

So this concludes my post on which are also legitimate the users must remember that they need to create their email account as well as paypal account and also first read the terms of that particular company then start taking surveys and see incoming cash in their accounts.