Best websites to store your images

If you enjoy digital photography and wish to share your captures with your friends and family, taking them online is the perfect option. Check out these ten sites and analyse which fits to your requirements perfectly.


COMING from the Google stable, Picasa is one of the most popular photo storage and sharing websites. You can also make image based movies and collages using. Images stored online through the Picasa desktop application. The application also provides assistance to carry out basic image editing; collage creating, image blogging and uploading. You can run slideshows and order prints and photo gifts online too. Public images can be viewed directly but private images require invitation by the album owner. You can further secure your photographs by enabling the ‘Sign-in required to view’ album option. This web service supports viewer comments and collaborative photo blogging too.


WEBSHOTS is a very interactive photo sharing web portal. You can opt for a free or a premium account. Unlike other portals, there is no size-based limit but a number based limit (you can store and share 1,000 free and 5,000 personal photos on the premium account for starters.) Apart from printing your personal pictures as photo and on various photo gifts, you can also download and print photographs taken by professional photographers. The website has collaborated with Photo Works for photo and gift printing. Like Picasa, this website also has a provision to use desktop application for easy management of your online photos. The website also extends support for mobile updates.


ALTHOUGH this web portal is tipped to be the 5th largest in its genre, certain features the site has to offer fall short of expectations. Image correction only includes rotating an image in either direction. You can add your images to your blog, create image slide shows and get codes for sharing images on email, forums, a d websites. You can import your Flickr images to your Images as album. Imageshack acts as a mere repository where you can backup and share your images.


PHOTOBUCKET is said to be the one of the largest image sharing web portals in the  world. This website supports collaborative photo blogging. Your visitors do not need to have to a Photobucket account to view images from shared albums. You can customize your Photobucket account using the listed themes. You can also edit images and add frames and other effects to them. You can search for images on the website. The portal offers specialized services like printing photo gifts, creating collages or slideshows for your social networking profiles and blog sites. You can even create your own professional online scrap book though