Android Battery saver tips & tricks for Android Mobile Phones

Poor smartphone battery life is the most common problem that all Android smart phones user are facing recently.

Smart-phone manufacturers are launching more advanced and high class smart-phones which features a very powerful processor, more memory, bigger and brighter display screens and many battery consuming apps and games which are main reasons for the poor battery life smartphones.

So if you wish to gain some more battery life out of our smart phone here are some useful tips which can extend the battery life of your android smart phone at least for a few hours.

  • Close Background apps.

After you close the apps they keep running in background so that they can load faster the next time you try to access them this in turn consumes the memory of your smart phone which ultimately consumes the battery of your Smart phone. So I would suggest that you always close your background apps.

  • Turn Off Bluetooth.

Turn off your Bluetooth when not needed as keeping it on will keep on consuming the battery.

  • Prefer data connection.

Prefer Data connection instead of WI-FI as Wi-Fi consumes a lot of battery the reason behind this is that Wi-Fi has a separate antenna ans so it consumes more power.

  • Turn off Vibrating alerts.

To enable your smart phone to vibrate there is a tiny motor in your phone which consumes a lot of power so it is a good idea to turn off the vibrating alerts whenever possible.

  • Keep your display on Automatic Brightness.

Keeping your display on automatic brightness mode is a good idea as displays are the biggest battery consumers, keeping the display dim will definitely extend the battery of your smart phone.

Keeping in mind the above tips there are some battery saver app for android  available in the app store which can help you to increase your cell phone battery life.


  • Battery Saver


    battery app android

smartphone battery life

This is arguably one of the best Android battery saver app available for free. It comes built-in as an add-on along with the Dolphin browser and gives the user a complete control of the power options  of your smart phone


battery life smartphone

This battery app android  is like a tool box which allows the user to control all the inline aspects of their android Smart phone really a fantastic app and that also free

best android battery saver

This is a simple widget through which users can view the state of their Smart phones battery. This widget allows the user to control GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and screen options.

  • Easy Battery Saver

battery life mobile

Android battery saver

Easy battery saver is really a super battery saver app for your smart phone through this app you can save power, extend the life of your smart phones battery that also for free.

battery apps

The best feature of this app is that it combines all the options of your gadget and lays them at the users figure tips. It has a very impressive list of features this by far is the best app which helps you to increase the battery life of your Android Phone.

 So this are the few battery apps which can really help you to gain some extra battery life of mobile phone hope you all like this article.

Keeping in mind the above tips there are some battery saver app for android  available in the app store which can help you to increase your cell phone battery life.