7 Firefox tweaks for Better Browsing

We can see a new and improved interface and security options with every new release of  Firefox Browser. The interface with a stunning address bar and the Firefox menu options are really helpful and easy to navigate as compared to the other browsers.

But users today are more concerned about the speed that a browser offers for responding a query or opening a web site which are crucial factors  to decide any browsers fate.

All though Firefox is a very stable browser some problems like browser crashing, memory related issues and time for opening third-party web sites can persist and put Firefox one step backwards.

But now there a many useful tricks and add-ons through which all the above mentioned issues can be solver easily and the performance of Firefox browser can be uplifted. But according to Mozilla add-ons consume a lot of memory and they recommend not using the add-ons here the comes in handy. can be really useful to increase of your browser using this tweaks you can enable or disable certain features of Firefox. So let us have a look at some of the tweaks through which you can of your Browser.

To perform this tricks and you should assess the browser configuration page just type about:config in your browsers address bar and press the enter button and now you can change the values given below

Speedup Page Loading

Type about:config in the address bar and then press the enter key and then search for the below preference names and then set the value accordingly, using this tweak will increase the speed of your Firefox browser. This tweak helps in loading the page fasted by making the use of pipelining.


Network.http.proxy.pipelining =  > true

Plugin.expose_full_path  =   > true

Network.dns.disableIPv6   =   > true

Javascript.option.jit.chrome   =   > true

Javascript.options.jit.content   =   > true

Ui.submenuDelay   =  > 0

Network.http.pipelining     =   > true

Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests   =   >8

Content.notify.backoffcount   =   >  5

Firefox tweaks


Disable Tab animation

Type about:config in the address bar and then press the enter key search for

Browser.tabs.animate in the filter above and then just double click on the value to disable the tab animations. The value should be set on false.by performing this tweak all the tab animations can be disabled which in turn helps in increasing the page load speed.

tweak firefox


Disable Extension delay

Firefox by default shows a countdown timer when you install an extension, when even you install an add-on it will show you a countdown from 3 to 0 seconds before you can install the extension you can disable it by searching for security.dialog_enable_delay and change this to 0

Disable Delay

Disable antivirus scanning

Firefox browser by default scans files while downloading apart from the default windows security software or the antivirus software. This option can be disabled by searching for browser.download.manager.scanwhendone and then set the default value to false just by double clicking on the value

speed up browsing

So these were some of the tweaks through which you can increase the performance of your Mozilla Firefox browser, hope you all are benefited from this post. And if you know some tweaks then don’t forget to share them with us.