7 best free video editing softwares for windows

We all know how expensive are the best and also it is a fact that all this professional needs a lot of disk space and are very demanding on hardware the solution to this problem can be the online video editing software’s or tools available on the internet but this online video editing software’s require a fast internet connection to function properly and there are times when we don’t have access to internet.

So to overcome this situation I would advise you to use the video editing softwares which you can download from the internet absolutely free of cost and store them in your pc or laptop

In this article I am compiling a list of 7 top video editing softwares which are free to download all these software’s are compatible with all the versions of windows and allows options like Applying 2d or 3D effects, encode, merge, split , audio enhancements and lots more to the desired videos.

So let us have a look at this windows video editing softwares.


free video editing software

Wax is flexible, high performance and . The basic idea of wax is for very general purpose and flexible in effects and video compositing.

Wax can create 2d as well 3D special effects and works in two modes as a standalone application which is appealing to the home users and beginners and as a plug-in in to video editors.

video editing softwares

Avidemux allows simple cutting, encoding and filtering tasks and what’s more it’s a free software. It  supports file formats like MPEG, AVI, ASF and many more and uses a variety of codec you can even automate tasks using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.

Windows Movie Maker

free video editing software for windows

The latest version of Microsoft windows movie make is available for download now. This software is basically for average home user but there is no denying that this software is a full featured with excellent options.

Movie Storm

windows video editing software

is a full 3D free movie making software or you can say a of cost with all abilities you can create excellent animation effects using this software

AVI Edit

easy video editing software

This is a great tool to work with avi files this software offers you the unlimited power of digital video processing, also it allows you to join or split files, extract frames and do whatever you want and lots more exciting options. Truly a great video editer.

Zewi-stein video editor 

the best video editing software

This is a freeware non liner, non destruction video compositing and editing system which offers many features which are not available else ware. With zewi-stein you can edit upto 256 video, audio and still images clips.


top video editing software

Movica is a graphical user interface that users find program to edit movie files. Movica will work on WMV, FLV, VM and MPG file formats. This makes his software very versatile. A very useful it for free